Version v0.11 of the documentation is no longer actively maintained. The site that you are currently viewing is an archived snapshot. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.

What's New in Talos 0.11

Networking Configuration

Talos networking configuration was completely rewritten to be based on controllers and resources. There are no changes to the machine configuration, but any update to can now be applied in immediate mode (without a reboot). Talos should be setting up network configuration much faster on boot now, not blocking on DHCP for unconfigured interfaces and skipping the reset network step.


Limited RBAC support in Talos API is now enabled by default for Talos 0.11. Default talosconfig has os:admin role embedded in the certificate so that all the APIs are available. Certificates with reduced set of roles can be created with talosctl config new command.

When upgrading from Talos 0.10, RBAC is not enabled by default. Before enabling RBAC, generate talosconfig with os:admin role first to make sure that administrator still has access to the cluster when RBAC is enabled.

List of available roles:

  • os:admin role enables every Talos API
  • os:reader role limits access to read-only APIs which do not return sensitive data
  • os:etcd:backup role only allows talosctl etcd snapshot API call (for etcd backup automation)

Default to Bootstrap workflow

The init.yaml is no longer an output of talosctl gen config. We now encourage using the bootstrap API, instead of init node types, as we intend on deprecating this machine type in the future. The init.yaml and controlplane.yaml machine configs are identical with the exception of the machine type. Users can use a modified controlplane.yaml with the machine type set to init if they would like to avoid using the bootstrap API.

Component Updates

  • containerd was updated to 1.5.2
  • Linux kernel was updated to 5.10.45
  • Kubernetes was updated to 1.21.2
  • etcd was updated to 3.4.16


Added the flag cluster.coreDNS.disabled to coreDNS deployment during the cluster bootstrap.

Legacy BIOS Support

Added an option to the machine.install section of the machine config that can enable marking MBR partition bootable for the machines that have legacy BIOS which does not support GPT partitioning scheme.

Multi-arch Installer

Talos installer image (for any arch) now contains artifacts for both amd64 and arm64 architecture. This means that e.g. images for arm64 SBCs can be generated on amd64 host.