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Configuring Containerd

The base containerd configuration expects to merge in any additional configs present in /var/cri/conf.d/*.toml.

An example of exposing metrics

Into each machine config, add the following:

    - content: |
          address = ""        
      path: /var/cri/conf.d/metrics.toml
      op: create

Create cluster like normal and see that metrics are now present on this port:

$ curl
# HELP container_blkio_io_service_bytes_recursive_bytes The blkio io service bytes recursive
# TYPE container_blkio_io_service_bytes_recursive_bytes gauge
container_blkio_io_service_bytes_recursive_bytes{container_id="0677d73196f5f4be1d408aab1c4125cf9e6c458a4bea39e590ac779709ffbe14",device="/dev/dm-0",major="253",minor="0",namespace="",op="Async"} 0
container_blkio_io_service_bytes_recursive_bytes{container_id="0677d73196f5f4be1d408aab1c4125cf9e6c458a4bea39e590ac779709ffbe14",device="/dev/dm-0",major="253",minor="0",namespace="",op="Discard"} 0