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System Requirements

Hardware requirements for running Talos Linux.

Minimum Requirements

RoleMemoryCoresSystem Disk
Control Plane2 GiB210 GiB
Worker1 GiB110 GiB
RoleMemoryCoresSystem Disk
Control Plane4 GiB4100 GiB
Worker2 GiB2100 GiB

These requirements are similar to that of Kubernetes.


Talos Linux itself only requires less than 100 MB of disk space, but the EPHEMERAL partition is used to store pulled images, container work directories, and so on. Thus a minimum is 10 GiB of disk space is required. 100 GiB is desired. Note, however, that because Talos Linux assumes complete control of the disk it is installed on, so that it can control the partition table for image based upgrades, you cannot partition the rest of the disk for use by workloads.

Thus it is recommended to install Talos Linux on a small, dedicated disk - using a Terabyte sized SSD for the Talos install disk would be wasteful. Sidero Labs recommends having separate disks (apart from the Talos install disk) to be used for storage.