Version v1.3 of the documentation is for the Talos version being developed. For the latest stable version of Talos, see the latest version.


Customize Containerd Settings

The base containerd configuration expects to merge in any additional configs present in /var/cri/conf.d/*.toml.

An example of exposing metrics

Into each machine config, add the following:

    - content: |
          address = ""        
      path: /var/cri/conf.d/metrics.toml
      op: create

Create cluster like normal and see that metrics are now present on this port:

$ curl
# HELP container_blkio_io_service_bytes_recursive_bytes The blkio io service bytes recursive
# TYPE container_blkio_io_service_bytes_recursive_bytes gauge
container_blkio_io_service_bytes_recursive_bytes{container_id="0677d73196f5f4be1d408aab1c4125cf9e6c458a4bea39e590ac779709ffbe14",device="/dev/dm-0",major="253",minor="0",namespace="",op="Async"} 0
container_blkio_io_service_bytes_recursive_bytes{container_id="0677d73196f5f4be1d408aab1c4125cf9e6c458a4bea39e590ac779709ffbe14",device="/dev/dm-0",major="253",minor="0",namespace="",op="Discard"} 0