Version v1.5 of the documentation is no longer actively maintained. The site that you are currently viewing is an archived snapshot. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.

Building Custom Talos Images

How to build a custom Talos image from source.

There might be several reasons to build Talos images from source:

Checkout Talos Source

git clone

If building for a specific release, checkout the corresponding tag:

git checkout v1.5.5

Set up the Build Environment

See Developing Talos for details on setting up the buildkit builder.


By default, Talos builds for linux/amd64, but you can customize that by passing PLATFORM variable to make:

make <target> PLATFORM=linux/arm64 # build for arm64 only
make <target> PLATFORM=linux/arm64,linux/amd64 # build for arm64 and amd64, container images will be multi-arch


Some of the build parameters can be customized by passing environment variables to make, e.g. GOAMD64=v1 can be used to build Talos images compatible with old AMD64 CPUs:

make <target> GOAMD64=v1

Building Kernel and Initramfs

The most basic boot assets can be built with:

make kernel initramfs

Build result will be stored as _out/vmlinuz-<arch> and _out/initramfs-<arch>.xz.

Building Container Images

Talos container images should be pushed to the registry as the result of the build process.

The default settings are:

  • IMAGE_REGISTRY is set to
  • USERNAME is set to the siderolabs (or value of environment variable USERNAME if it is set)

The image can be pushed to any registry you have access to, but the access credentials should be stored in ~/.docker/config.json file (e.g. with docker login).

Building and pushing the image can be done with:

make installer PUSH=true USERNAME=<username> #
make imager PUSH=true USERNAME=<username> #

Building ISO

The ISO image is built with the help of imager container image, by default will be used with the matching tag:

make iso

The ISO image will be stored as _out/talos-<arch>.iso.

If ISO image should be built with the custom imager image, it can be specified with IMAGE_REGISTRY/USERNAME variables:

make iso USERNAME=<username>

Building Disk Images

The disk image is built with the help of imager container image, by default will be used with the matching tag:

make image-metal

Available disk images are encoded in the image-% target, e.g. make image-aws. Same as with ISO image, the custom imager image can be specified with IMAGE_REGISTRY/USERNAME variables.