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Managing Talos PKI

How to manage Public Key Infrastructure

Generating New Client Configuration

Using Controlplane Node

If you have a valid (not expired) talosconfig with os:admin role, a new client configuration file can be generated with talosctl config new against any controlplane node:

talosctl -n CP1 config new talosconfig-reader --roles os:reader --crt-ttl 24h

A specific role and certificate lifetime can be specified.

From Secrets Bundle

If a secrets bundle (secrets.yaml from talosctl gen secrets) was saved while generating machine configuration:

talosctl gen config --with-secrets secrets.yaml --output-types talosconfig -o talosconfig <cluster-name> https://<cluster-endpoint>

Note: <cluster-name> and <cluster-endpoint> arguments don’t matter, as they are not used for talosconfig.

From Control Plane Machine Configuration

In order to create a new key pair for client configuration, you will need the root Talos API CA. The base64 encoded CA can be found in the control plane node’s configuration file. Save the CA public key, and CA private key as ca.crt, and ca.key respectively:

yq eval controlplane.yaml | base64 -d > ca.crt
yq eval controlplane.yaml | base64 -d > ca.key

Now, run the following commands to generate a certificate:

talosctl gen key --name admin
talosctl gen csr --key admin.key --ip
talosctl gen crt --ca ca --csr admin.csr --name admin

Put the base64-encoded files to the respective location to the talosconfig:

context: mycluster
            - CP1
            - CP2
        ca: <base64-encoded ca.crt>
        crt: <base64-encoded admin.crt>
        key: <base64-encoded admin.key>

Renewing an Expired Administrator Certificate

By default admin talosconfig certificate is valid for 365 days, while cluster CAs are valid for 10 years. In order to prevent admin talosconfig from expiring, renew the client config before expiration using talosctl config new command described above.

If the talosconfig is expired or lost, you can still generate a new one using either the secrets.yaml secrets bundle or the control plane node’s configuration file using methods described above.