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Booting Talos on bare-metal with ISO.

Talos can be installed on bare-metal machine using an ISO image. ISO images for amd64 and arm64 architectures are available on the Talos releases page.

Talos doesn’t install itself to disk when booted from an ISO until the machine configuration is applied.

Please follow the getting started guide for the generic steps on how to install Talos.

Note: If there is already a Talos installation on the disk, the machine will boot into that installation when booting from a Talos ISO. The boot order should prefer disk over ISO, or the ISO should be removed after the installation to make Talos boot from disk.

See kernel parameters reference for the list of kernel parameters supported by Talos.

There are two flavors of ISO images available:

  • metal-<arch>.iso supports booting on BIOS and UEFI systems (for x86, UEFI only for arm64)
  • secureboot-metal-<arch>.iso supports booting on only UEFI systems in SecureBoot mode