Talos Linux machine configuration reference.

Talos Linux machine is fully configured via a single YAML file called machine configuration.

The file might contain one or more configuration documents separated by --- (three dashes) lines. At the moment, majority of the configuration options are within the v1alpha1 document, so this is the only mandatory document in the configuration file.

Configuration documents might be named (contain a name: field) or unnamed. Unnamed documents can be supplied to the machine configuration file only once, while named documents can be supplied multiple times with unique names.

The v1alpha1 document has its own (legacy) structure, while every other document has the following set of fields:

apiVersion: v1alpha1 # version of the document
kind: NetworkRuleConfig # type of document
name: rule1 # only for named documents

This section contains the configuration reference, to learn more about Talos Linux machine configuration management, please see:


Package extensions provides extensions config documents.


Package network provides network machine configuration documents.


Package runtime provides runtime machine configuration documents.


Package siderolink provides SideroLink machine configuration documents.


Package v1alpha1 contains definition of the v1alpha1 configuration document.

Even though the machine configuration in Talos Linux is multi-document, at the moment this configuration document contains most of the configuration options.

It is expected that new configuration options will be added as new documents, and existing ones migrated to their own documents.