Omni SaaS

Omni is a project created by the Talos team that has native support for Talos Linux.

Omni allows you to start with bare metal, virtual machines or a cloud provider, and create clusters spanning all of your locations, with a few clicks.

You provide the machines – edge compute, bare metal, VMs, or in your cloud account. Boot from an Omni Talos Linux image. Click to allocate to a cluster. That’s it!

  • Vanilla Kubernetes, on your machines, under your control.
  • Elegant UI for management and operations
  • Security taken care of – ties into your Enterprise ID provider
  • Highly Available Kubernetes API end point built in
  • Firewall friendly: manage Edge nodes securely
  • From single-node clusters to the largest scale
  • Support for GPUs and most CSIs.

The Omni SaaS is available to run locally, to support air-gapped security and data sovereignty concerns.

Omni handles the lifecycle of Talos Linux machines, provides unified access to the Talos and Kubernetes API tied to the identity provider of your choice, and provides a UI for cluster management and operations. Omni automates scaling the clusters up and down, and provides a unified view of the state of your clusters.

See more in the Omni documentation.