Network Device Selector

How to configure network devices by selecting them using hardware information

Configuring Network Device Using Device Selector

deviceSelector is an alternative method of configuring a network device:

      - deviceSelector:
          driver: virtio
          hardwareAddr: "00:00:*"

Selector has the following traits:

  • qualifiers match a device by reading the hardware information in /sys/class/net/...
  • qualifiers are applied using logical AND
  • option is mutually exclusive with
  • if the selector matches multiple devices, the controller will apply config to all of them

The available hardware information used in the selector can be observed in the LinkStatus resource (works in maintenance mode):

# talosctl get links eth0 -o yaml
  hardwareAddr: 4e:95:8e:8f:e4:47
  busPath: 0000:06:00.0
  driver: alx
  pciID: 1969:E0B1

The following qualifiers are available:

  • driver - matches a device by its driver name
  • hardwareAddr - matches a device by its hardware address
  • busPath - matches a device by its PCI bus path
  • pciID - matches a device by its PCI vendor and device ID
  • physical - matches only physical devices (vs. virtual devices, e.g. bonds and VLANs)

All qualifiers except for physical support wildcard matching using * character.

Using Device Selector for Bonding

Device selectors can be used to configure bonded interfaces:

      - interface: bond0
          mode: balance-rr
            - hardwareAddr: '00:50:56:8e:8f:e4'
            - hardwareAddr: '00:50:57:9c:2c:2d'

In this example, the bond0 interface will be created and bonded using two devices with the specified hardware addresses.